Velu gives these products a 5 out of 5 stars

This Furbaby business is in Moreno Valley, CA but mainly does business on their website. They carry a variety of products starting with colognes for pets, shampoos, odor eliminators and fragrance lamps and oils.  Our review is on the colognes, ONLY.

This small business owner is a groomer who developed the colognes with a chemist, for her business, at first. There are over 15 scents.   We have personally tested these fragrances on our Furbabies and found them to last 24 to 48 hrs. We were also impressed on how much they truly spell as they are named. We highly recommend this company.

This is based on how much our Furbaby testers love them. 
Great value for what you get.
The product delivers on the scent describe 
The product last for a long length of time
Ingredients did not affect 3 dogs with allergies & sensitive skin 
The owner and representative is helpful and courteous

Supports animal rescues

Timely Delivery

Things we can see for improvement is just more and more products from this great company.