Product Review

Velu’s Rating Program on our product review

What is Velu’s Rating system? Our rating is the measurement given based on quality, integrity, safety, durability and cost of the product.  Velu’s Product testers review products that have been tested in real life circumstances.
Rating can be given based on different criteria. Most cases the rating is implemented on the product as a whole and based on 5 stars.


 5 Stars  Exceptional: A top of the line game changers. A product that is remarkable in all ways. Velu’s Top Choice only for the Elite.

4.5 Stars Amazing: Outstanding has no major drawbacks, is at the top of its category.  Highly Recommended and Velu's Choice.

4 Stars Great product: Nearly prefect with only minor issues or adjustments. Recommended and sold product. Velu's Choice

3.5 Stars Very Good: A Good product held back by a few issues or adjustments. Not our absolute favorites, but they are still a smart purchase

3 Stars Good: Competitive.   It isn’t the best choice, but good qualities outweigh the bad ones.

2.5 Stars Adequate: Not always the best choice but it can get the job done

2 Stars Disappointing: Delivers on far less than it should and needs work

1.5 Stars Poor: Persistently difficult an annoying to use.  Low quality material.

1 Star Very Poor: Deeply flawed and barely functional. Poor quality material. 

0.5 Stars Garbage: Unenjoyable. Dangerous, should be taking off the market.

We pride ourselves on honest, truthful and helpful reviews on pet products.  The review are made to help consumers choose the right product for the personal furbaby and their needs.  

If you would like your product reviewed by one of our product testers please fill out the attached form and send it with a sample of your product.  If it contains consumable ingredients.  You must send a list of all ingredients with each sample.  

Remember we test the products on several breeds and sizes, so please send enough of the product or appropriate animal sizes for a full and honest review. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

If you are a customer and wish for us to review a product, please email us below and we will contact the company. 

Thanks! Message sent.